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Are you ready for the Launch of the World Handicap System? GHIN is getting ready to launch a new suite of products in the new year. Following the launch, eGolfer will no longer be supported, but similar functionality will be made available on the mobile app and We are preparing to launch a new suite of GHIN products in the new year. Check with your association for more details!
Nov 21, 2019 · Calculate your Handicap Differential. Once you have your AGS, use it to determine your handicap differential. The equation for a Handicap Differential is the AGS minus Course rating, multiplied by 113, and divided by the Slope Rating, or (AGS - Course Rating) x 113 / Slope Rating. What is 'GHIN,' and How Do Golfers Use It? portal for USGA Handicap System, with option for non-members

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Join Our Community of Over 150,000 golfers in Northern California! The NCGA is an association of golf clubs – to become a member of the NCGA, you must join a club.
Ever heard of someone say that their Handicap Index is a 7 but it’s trending to a 6? Or something along those lines? A “Trend Handicap” is a common term when talking about your Handicap Index so to ensure you can join in on the convo, let’s make sure you understand its context and how or when it can or can’t be used. To view your USGA Handicap Index, along with the last 20 scores used to calculate that Handicap Index®, enter your lookup into the fields below. How Do I Get a Handicap? Officials of the Maryland State Golf Association are often asked “How do I get a handicap?” Under the World Handicap System Rules of Handicapping, the USGA states that “in order to establish and maintain a Handicap Index, a golfer must be a member of an authorized golf club.”

The inception of GHIN began in the spring of 1980 when a Regional Golf Association wished to change its handicap service vendor. In an effort to provide a quality service to maintain handicaps, the USGA® was approached and asked to help in providing this type of service.
What is 'GHIN,' and How Do Golfers Use It? portal for USGA Handicap System, with option for non-members

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The USGA and R&A have announced plans for a unified World Handicap System slated to be rolled out in 2020. Here are nine ways the proposed system differs from — and improves upon — the current ... GHIN – Golf Handicap and Information Network, the finest in handicapping services. GHIN supports the Texas Golf Association and its mission in promoting amateur golf in our state.
A golf handicap is the game's great equalizer. With a certified handicap you have a fair chance to win a net score match against a superior player. The first step to acquiring an official handicap under the United State Golf Association system is to establish a handicap index. You must establish your index at a ...